Portfolio Pro+

Portfolio Pro+

Simplify your portfolio management.

Portfolio Pro Plus

Custom built for portfolio planners and evaluators, Portfolio Pro+ helps you save time and effort analyzing and reporting on the cost effectiveness of distributed energy resources.

Portfolio Pro+ Features

Cost Effectiveness

Test program outcomes such as total resource cost (TRC), utility cost test (UCT), participant cost test (PCT), ratepayer impact measure (RIM), and societal cost test (SCT) or modified TRC (mTRC).

Portfolio Planning

Build programs from individual measures, combine them into portfolios, and compare them for evaluation or planning.

Scenario Analysis

Clone a portfolio and run scenarios that account for changes in codes and standards, avoided cost, environmental adders, program costs, and more.


Produce state regulatory agency and avoided cost methodology results. Avoid the version control challenges and capacity limitations of Excel models.

Data Visualization

Track metrics, compare portfolio scenarios, rank measures and programs, or spot trends in planned versus actuals with PowerBI or Tableau.

Data Manager

Store data to model subsequent year portfolios or auditing previous results, automate data validation at the measure level, enforce security, and foster collaboration with role-based access controls.

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