India Community Center

“We have been using Energy360 since 2017. Since putting it in, we have cut our electricity use by 16%. Energy360 has also helped in monitoring our solar system production ensuring it’s maximizing output.”​
Raj Desai, CEO​
India Community Center, Milpitas, CA

India Community Center

Milpitas, California

The Customer

The India Community Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is a dynamic, multipurpose convention center located in Milpitas, California. Their mission is to provide an authentic community for the Indian-American population, servicing cultural events, sports and activities, and social events in its 40,000 square foot complex.

The Problem

In such a large convention center, it is difficult to keep track of all lighting and HVAC throughout the facility. On top of that, the center was starting to invest in renewables by implementing solar. The ICC managers were looking for a program that could tell them what their energy consumption was looking like as they incorporated solar energy and to monitor that process. Solar is also a costly endeavor. Such an endeavor is not worthwhile if utility costs are still being run up by lights or HVAC left on. 


In a model case of Energy 360’s application in buildings, ICC first implemented Energy 360 initially to monitor their solar energy and analyze lighting usage. The program was able to monitor usage to find savings in utility usage that helped cut costs to finance their solar. Aside from monitoring their solar usage and lighting, ICC found that Energy 360’s remote features work perfectly for controlling lighting and HVAC in the convention center. Controls allow for dynamic control of the lighting and HVAC to service the center’s variety of classes and activities each month. 

India Community Center now actively uses Energy 360 to track solar performance and monitor their lighting. Dynamic controls on internal temperature and lighting are made possible through the remote control features on Energy 360’s app interface.


  • Electricity use has been cut by 16% since ICC put in Energy360 system

  • ICC has trusted InTech since 2016 to monitor their energy use and solar power, ensuring output is maximized

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