85 Argonaut

85 Argonaut

85 Argonaut

Aliso Viejo, California

The Customer

85 Argonaut is a LEED-certified commercial office property in Aliso Viejo, CA. Totaling over 35,000 square feet, the two story building made recent improvements in the past two to three years to better accommodate tenants. 

The Problem

On-site renewable installations can prove to be cumbersome endeavors, if not managed correctly. Should solar generation be optimized, the property can experience better yields in energy consumption and lower overall overhead and operating costs. InTech was first brought on to the Argonaut project through a developed partnership with EMCOR, with the goal in mind to implement Energy360’s monitoring functionalities and improve energy efficiency to make maximal use of Argonaut’s solar generators.


In cooperation with EMCOR Services, ownership updated HVAC systems and installed new high-quality LED lighting. The largest upgrade made was an EMCOR installation of on-site renewables with a rooftop solar generation system and onsite battery energy storage. This project made the Argonaut property a leader in on-site sustainability by generating 75% of its energy through these installed systems.

Insights provided from Energy360’s monitoring of the upgraded on-site solar and battery power helped EMCOR to maximize cost efficiency on the Argonaut project. Together with EMCOR’s integration efforts, InTech software helped to outline the project to ensure that property ownership of the 85 Argonaut site would be pleased with lower overhead costs and higher valuation and cap rate. 


Aside from solar monitoring, Argonaut ownership also employed Energy360 to utilize the software’s remote control capabilities for the office’s lighting installations. This function allows ownership to remotely access the office’s lighting fixtures to shut them off during downtimes.


  • 75% reduced carbon footprint
  • Decreased overhead costs
  • Higher building valuation and cap rate

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