Join our channel partner program today and experience how Energy360 will enhance your energy service business in the mid-market commercial segment.


Partner Program

Join our channel partner program and provide your customers with an affordable cloud-based energy management system designed for commercial buildings. As part of our Channel Partner Program, you become a part of our ecosystem of energy service providers working together to reduce energy costs, improve tenant comfort and enhance operational savings in commercial buildings. Fill out our form below and let’s work together to strengthen and expand your service offering with Energy360.


Our partners have strengthened their existing customer relationships and increased revenue through the use and resale of our Energy360 system. Below are a few reasons why our partners chose InTech and the Energy360 system:

Increased revenue per client acquired

With Energy360’s continuous energy monitoring and analytics, partners are finding ongoing project opportunities for their customers. Increased revenue from a current client lowers your marketing and sales costs associated with attracting new business.

Improved customer retention

Stay in touch with clients by setting notifications when buildings fall outside of optimal operating conditions. Use strategies to generate automated energy efficiency measures. Your clients will continuously save, and you will be a hero when their lowered utility bill arrives at the end of the month.

Lowered cost of measurement and verification

Need to prove your energy efficiency project is saving money? Use Energy360’s 1-minute interval data and our reporting / charting module to visualize and prove savings. Also use our new energy savings forecasting algorithms tailored to your customer’s building for accurate M&V.

Discounts and more

Official Channel Partners receive discounts on the retail pricing of Energy360 – up to 20%. Receive discounts and special enhancements year after year with our multi-year SaaS offering, enabling a steady revenue stream on the software. Promote your company's unique skill-set in a market segment through our ecosystem of partners to win new projects structured around Energy360.

Partner Profiles

Our partners deliver services through many different business models. Here are a few high level descriptions of those that have already signed up:

Building Controls /Energy Services
3rd Party Utility Implementers
Solar Installers /Consultants
HVAC /Mechanical Firms
Facilities Management
Lighting Contractors
Energy Consultants
Integration Firms
Industry Organizers

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