An energy management system built by energy efficiency professionals for building owners, facility managers and energy service providers.

Product Features

Enhance your small to medium sized building with an affordable energy management system.

Real-Time Monitoring


Electricity, gas, water, and solar - uncover problems with granular data

Building Controls

Virtually unlimited building control history

Next Gen Technology

Solar and energy storage trends

Occupancy & Environment

Occupancy and Environmental monitoring (weather, air, and space temperature)

Energy analytics


Equipment and Whole Building energy forecasting and management

Data Visualization

Detailed power consumption visualizations with usage intensity heat maps, energy comparisons, and line charts

Measurement & Verification

Data normalization for Weather, Occupancy, and Time


Continuous Benchmarking, RCx, and Energy Saving Opportunity Reports

Wireless building controls and automation

Remote Control

Cloud-based energy management technology, web-based application with alarms and notifications


Fully or semi-automated, load-specific demand response management

Control Strategies

Configurable conditional energy saving strategies for HVAC, lighting, pumps, motors, and other utilities

Hardware Agnostic

IoT and traditional BMS, wired and wireless connectivity, energy reduction actions executable across devices regardless of vendor

High Performance Buildings

Take your control of your building to the next level with a unified solution to drive device integration, energy optimization, and automation.


Product Benefits

Energy360 delivers material improvements to your property’s value.

Lowered Energy Costs

Save on HVAC and Lighting

Improved Tenant Comfort

Fix heating and cooling complaints

Increased Facility Value

Higher Net Operating Income

Reduced Equipment Maintenance

Reduced operation of systems