Cloud Solutions for Utilities

A robust set of cloud-based solutions that enables utility managers to oversee, streamline, and automate dynamic workflows for energy efficiency, renewable and demand side management programs.


Product Suite

CET (Cost Effectiveness Tool)

An enterprise-grade software solution for performing cost-effectiveness calculations, analytics, and reports at a measure, program, or portfolio level using live data.


Perform portfolio gap analysis, measure performance, as well as forecast annual savings, emissions, and cost effectiveness.

Calculate cost effectiveness while accounting for code impacts and adjustments in discount rate, market effects, emission load impacts, and adopted avoided costs

Secure, cloud-based system for reporting, load planning and analysis.

SMART Workflow System

An online workflow database designed for Utilities and Energy Service companies for managing and reporting energy efficiency programs, providing users with comprehensive information on energy efficiency audits, measures, incentives, comprehensive reports, and customer facility and contact information.


A centralized database for all important energy management information.

Detailed and comprehensive reports for program managers, public commissions, and end-use customers.

Invoicing and mobile tools for streamlined management.

EEStats(California Energy Efficiency Statistics)

A public-facing web portal for Investor Owned Utilities to report energy savings and budgets, providing stakeholders with full transparency on financials, goal achievement, and gains on energy programs and efficiency measures.


Centralized platform for stakeholder reporting.

Detailed analytics on key metrics of programs implemented by California IOU’s.

Secure platform where IOU’s and the California Public Commission can share information related to energy efficiency in California.


A web-based proposal management platform that automates and streamlines the Request-for-Proposal process from end-to-end with request alerts, online proposal submission, bid evaluation, and report generation.


Immediate alerts for RFP’s.

Automated reports that allow for efficient proposal evaluation.

Centralized platform for submitting and managing RFP’s, RFQ’s, and other types of proposals.

PO Manager

A purchase order management system that enables utility and program managers to open and track purchase orders and other transactions, streamlining the process with integrated workflows, centralized vendor management, and automated approval routing.


Integrated process workflow.

Centralized vendor management platform.

Automated routing and approval system.