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California AB-841 School Energy Efficiency Grant Program

Learn how to receive grants from the State of California to improve energy efficiency and air quality in your schools.

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AB-841 & SRVEVR Program

To support California school reopenings, the State government passed Assembly Bill AB-841 which created the School Energy Efficiency Stimulus (SEES) Program, a $200 million dollar fund for the School Reopening Ventilation and Energy Efficiency Verification and Repair (SRVEVR) Program. SRVEVR issues grants to K-12 schools for HVAC repair, carbon dioxide monitoring, and more.

How much funding can my schools get?

InTech will work with you to generate an estimate of your potential grant funding for CO2 monitoring and HVAC upgrades:

- Grants provide 20% in contingency funding for repairs and upgrades.

- Schools in historically Disadvantaged Communities are prioritized for funding.

- Check your eligibility while funding lasts.


How InTech Can Help

InTech has spent years empowering California schools to visualize utility usage, reduce energy bills, and cut GHG emissions using our Energy360 platform. Energy360 makes it easy and affordable for schools to remotely acquire and analyze their utility data, control HVAC performance, and monitor carbon monoxide levels to implement and verify projects for this California energy grant.

What school customers are saying

“Energy360 helps ensure our AC system only operates when classes are in session, and we keep our outdoor lighting synced up year-round, saving our school 19% annually.”
Mark Gaines
Mark Gaines, Board President
The Prentice School, Santa Ana, CA

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