Our remarks at the CEDMC Fall Conference

With all of us working from home, I hope you were able to feel a sense of community at CEDMC’s Fall Conference last week.  With the topics ranging from policy to the practical, I found the engagement very insightful.

I hope you were able to view our CEDMC remarks:

The CEDMC team does amazing work, and our InTech Energy team is proud to have supported this conference.

At InTech, we’re on a mission to make energy management surprisingly easy, leveraging our Energy360 and PortfolioPro+ smart software to help save energy, reduce costs, and cut carbon emissions from commercial buildings. 

We’ll look forward to hearing from you and exploring mutual opportunities. 

If there’s any way we can support your work, let’s set up a call to explore.  Please send a quick reply to this message.

Stay healthy for the holidays!


Rich Fox, P.E.
SVP & Co-Founder

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