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We make energy management surprisingly easy.

Our smart energy software simplifies data tracking, helping you focus on improving energy savings and performance instead of worrying about high bills.​

InTech Energy

How E360 Works

We designed our smart E360 software to help you start saving time, energy, and money as quickly as possible. No hardware required.​ Get started in three easy steps.


Connect Your Data Instantly

We remotely connect E360 to your existing smart meter data to start organizing your energy usage into actionable, real-time insights and visual displays. Get started in minutes.​


Analyze For Impact & Control

Use our analytical reports, benchmarking, and notifications to discover the energy opportunities hiding in your buildings. Automate your energy savings with your existing controls or deploy our wireless building controls to automate energy savings.

InTech Controls

Quantify Your Savings

E360 automatically assesses your energy reductions and presents simple metrics and visual displays, making it easy to share accomplishments with your team and stakeholders. Most customers save over 8 - 12% in their first year.​

What customers are saying

“We have been using E360 since 2017. Since putting it in, we have cut our electricity use by 16%. E360 has also helped in monitoring our solar system production ensuring it’s maximizing output.”
Raj Desai, CEO
India Community Center, Milpitas, CA
“E360 helps ensure our AC system only operates when classes are in session, and we keep our outdoor lighting synced up year-round, saving our school 19% annually.”
Mark Gaines
Mark Gaines, Board President
The Prentice School, Santa Ana, CA

Ready to get started?

Contact us to see how surprisingly easy energy management can be with E360.

Need a utility portfolio planning solution?

Portfolio Pro+ empowers you to easily analyze and report on the cost effectiveness (CE) of distributed energy resources (DER).